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Add Grep Command In Windows With grepWin

grepWin is a FREE simple search and replace tool which lets you use regular expressions, to search those regular expression inside windows files.

What is Grep ?

Its a command line search utility originally written for Unix. grep command searches files or standard input globally for lines matching as per the specified regular expression, and prints them to the program’s standard output which you can call your search results.

For Example:

grep apple fruitlist.txt

This will print the results of the lines containing ‘pineapple’ or ‘apples’ are also printed.

To print all lines which contain ‘apple’ as a word (‘pineapple’ and ‘apples’ will not be matched)

grep -w apple fruitlist.txt

grepWin lets you search more extensively in windows with several criteria in hand like size, whether to include system files and hidden items or not.