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Steel RunAs – Run Any Program Under Any User Account Credentials

Steel Run-As is a free tool which really helps you run applications and execute audit commands or any kind of application with administrator privileges without having to give the user full rights to his machine.


As you can see the image above you can install tool on any network computer and install programs and run applications with administrative privileges without any need to log off or login as a administrator

If you are managing Win2000/XP/ computers, administrator privileges are required to install applications and to make configuration changes on your user’s computers. As an administrator of computers you would need to install many applications in your users computers.

You can even create executable for particular programs which you always wants to run with administrative rights. This small utility can be of real help to network administrators as it lets you achieve the task easily and quickly

Minimum Running Requirements:    P3, 128MB RAM, 6 MB free space

Download Steel RunAs

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