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Simplest Way To Translate A Page or Website with Google Search

It could be a case when you suddenly land up on a web page of a website which does not seem to be your native language or any other language you understand, then you start searching for the translation flags or some translator widget.

But some times you may not find the translator widget on the web site itself, so in that case you can simply translate the page and the entire web site by using google search.

Google translator is the best tool which lets you translate any web page or web site in the easiest and the precise way in terms of translation.

Let me tell you how to translate any web page with google translator

Follow the procedure below to translate a website with google search

1. Open the website which you want to translate, it may be opened already in your browser.

For Example:


2. Open and copy an paste the URL of the site as a search query in google search box and press Enter


3. The site would come as a first search result in google search results with a text link called Translate This Page


4. Click Translate This Page to translate and read the page in the language you has set your google search preferences, in may case it was US English.


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I’ve been using gTranslate FF add-on to translate web pages. Just select the text and right click on it to view translated version. Works even if web page is not indexed by Google

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