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SendEmails – Free Email NewsLetter Creator and Mailing Program

SendEmails is one of the very premier marketing software which allows you to design, deliver and track the email newsletters you sent to your clients or future potential clients.

It is a high performance nicely designed newsletter software program which is now released for free with some limits like you can send maximum 200 emails and size of the emails cannot be greater than 200000 bytes.


In order to use SendEmails you will need to signup which can be done from the application with an active connection to internet.

Moreover in this free edition you can track the success of the emails, forwarded e-mails and analysing user hits on your website.It can bypass the restrictions for outgoing e-mails set up by your ISP normally. It guarantees CAN-SPAM compliance and automatically handles subscribe or unsubscribe requests of your users.

SendEmails can connect to a various databases including: Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Outlook, CSV, dBase, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL Server, IBM Informix, Oracle, HTML Files and unformatted text are supported. It supports the following languages including English, German, French, Spanish,Portuguese, Dutch, Greek, Russian, Chinese, Japanese.

Download SendEmails Free Version

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