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Send a .swf ActiveX File via Outlook Email,bypass the security Rules

When it comes to IT security and privacy almost all companies dealing with computers take it very seriously and implement various types of security rules in outlook.

As a result of these rules you may not be able to send binaries(.exe files) and any ActiveX files (.swf files) via email through outlook.

One of my friend want to send a small size .swf flash file which was a flash game via email with outlook express but the company firewall does not allow him to send a ActiveX file via email because of security policy.

He is a layman does not know any other method of transferring files so,Lets see how can he send this file via email.

Well, there is very simple way to do it the only thing you would need is Microsoft word.

How to send this Flash Game via Email ?

1. Create a new document in Microsoft word.

2.  Now drag the .swf file in this newly created word document.

3. Save the file and send it via email through outlook it will not block it.

4. Open the word document at the receiving end and drag out the .swf falsh game out of the word document.

You can also try some other software which allows ActiveX objects to embed into them.

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