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ScanDL – Extract All The Links To Download All The Files Linked From A Webpage

ScanDL is a freeware program which simplifies the downloading of files from the internet by extracting and compiling a list of direct links to download all the files linked on a specific webpage.


You can easily use the generated list file in your favourite download manager to download any file from the list of links to all the files linked in webpage.

It supports 12 download managers and works quite effectively on most of the sites.

Some Concluded Key Features Of ScanDL

1. It will automatically search for the links in your HTML files, so you don’t need to click on each link to download files

2. You can also limit the search of ScanDL to http links or to those links which point to a specific file.

3. If there are some mirror links in a particular page pointing to a file they will be considered as mirrors

4. You can also search for the dead links and remove them optionally

5. Create URL batches with ScanDL

6. It provides optional logging of links to exclude them later.

Download ScanDL

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