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Prevent Spiders From Extracting Your Email ID – Email Link Encoder

Email Link Encoder is a free software which lets create a image out of your email id so that email spider cannot extract email address from different places on web.

Email spiders crawl web pages over the web on various web sites to get various email id for spammers which add you to their mailing list and start sending spamming mails on these ids.


Email Link Encoder allows you to create protect email id signature in the form of a image, encrypted HTML link and javascript which again prevents your email to get grabbed by email spiders.

It protects your email id really effectively from spammers and email id spiders, and this small software is 100% free.This program can be really useful when you want to put your email id on your blog about page, or you may want to put your email signature on some forums.

This antispam software is the best way to encode your email address which you want to put on your website so they can’t be extracted by rogue email spiders.

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