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Prevent / Lock Application Access In Windows

AppLocker is a FREE program which lets you lock any executable file on your computer or in other words prevent programs and applications from running. It could be case when you may not want other users on your computer to run and access some programs installed on your computer.


Some of the programs are there in the list of applocker but you can even add more programs to the list by typing the executable to the list.

When ever any user try running an executable locked by applocker they will see the error message as shown below.


You can add any executable name to the list which wont execute on that computer with that name locked by applocker, but there is little hack with which you can run the locked executable just by renaming the executable 😛


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But as we know there is always two ways to lock applications access one is the simple way out we I have just elaborated with applocker and second is the geeky way out which deals with windows registry. So, if you want to learn more read on the further to learn about the registry hack to do so.

Let me tell you the geeky way to lock application access in windows, follow the procedure below to know how to do it.

1. Go to Start Menu >> Run, type regedit and press Enter

2. Navigate to the following path


3. Right click in the right pane and select New >> DWORD (32 bit) value, name the key as disallowrun 

4. Double click the key disallowrun to set the value as 1

5. Now, for example if you want to block notepad program, then again right click and select New >> String Value and name it any thing you like to and give the value as notepad.exe


6. Exit registry and restart your computer, after restart notepad will be blocked and will not execute.

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Lock Access to Applications with AppLocker [ Via LifeRocks ]

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