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Download Yahoo Messenger 9 Full Setup Offline Standalone Installer Latest Version

Yahoo messenger has been released but yet again yahoo have not provided yahoo messenger full setup offline standalone installer.

Rather if you go to download yahoo messenger from yahoo messenger official site you will get a web based installer for yahoo messenger which will download and install yahoo messenger from internet on run time. 


With web installer for yahoo messenger you will not be able to install it on any other computer which is not connected to internet.

If you want to download yahoo messenger full setup standalone offline installer which is portable and make it easy to install on any computer irrespective of its internet connectivity.

These are some links to download yahoo messenger full setup standalone offline installer as per different languages.

English Full Setup Standalone Offline Installer  Of Yahoo messenger

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11 replies on “Download Yahoo Messenger 9 Full Setup Offline Standalone Installer Latest Version”

So why the heck would anyone want to install Yahoo! Messenger on a compuer without any internet connection? Won’t Yahoo! Messenger require the internet for enabling chat?

@Aditya Salapaka – When I say a computer not connected to internet means it not connected at the time installation of yahoo messenger.

And for many offline installer for yahoo messenger saves internet bandwidth and time both, I hope you got my point.

Hey Abhishek! am i glad to have found your site!! 😉

You provide many informations and tips to help us fellow newbies (not me!!!), i really enjoy all these TECH/Geeky stuff…hahahaha, much of a geek my self! and i totally agree with your statement…people just go on posting silly replies without first understanding what that post has “Read between the lines) and YM web installer totally useless, if we can already get the Standalone installer….sigh… I’ve subscribed to your RSS through Google reader…and am definitely looking forward to seeing more from u!

Take care

DanielPK ~ Technologypublic

Hello Abhishek,
I have been following your TECH gist stuff for months now. It really worth saying big KUDOS to you. You are just the best of all TECHNIX UPDATER I have been Folowing. Pls I need your assistant on downloading stuff. I am using Dial-Up connection with proxy server, So I can not download any software. Pls is there anything I can do about it?.

hiii can any one help me to download yahoo messanger set up ….i mean without internet connection hw can i download yahoo messanger

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