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.Net Framework Cleanup Tool To Remove Or Clean Any .NET Framework

.Net Framework Cleanup Tool is a small FREE utility which lets you clean up any issues you are facing installing ,uninstalling repair or patching errors in a particular framework.

.Net Framework Cleanup Tool lets you restore your system to a relatively clean state so that you can re install the respective framework without facing any errors in the installation of a particular framework


You just need to select the .net framework version for which you are gfacing the problem and press the button Cleanup Now

Note: The cleanup tool will will delete all the shared files and registry keys used by other versions of the .NET Framework also, so you will need to install or repair all other versions of the .NET Framework installed on your computer.

The Clean Up tool can be used for cleaning up the directories, registry keys and Windows Installer Information for the .NET Framework from your system.

You can also perform a full cleanup the installation of all the .net framework installed on your computer by selecting .NET Framework â€“ All Versions in the Product to cleanup drop down. 

Download .NET Framework Cleanup Tool

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