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Mount Live CD Without Rebooting Windows

Linux is some thing which many users of windows like to see and run at least once, so the concept of Linux Live CD came in. But some of us are so lazy or may find the process of rebooting with a Live CD some what more time consuming as it involves the changing the booting priority of drives through BIOS.

MobaLiveCD is a small freeware software which lets you run a Linux Live CD on windows itself with out any rebooting required. This means you can run both windows and linux together with MobaLiveCD


MobaLiveCD allows you to test Live CD just after downloading with out burning to an actual cd and you can avoid rebooting to run the LiveCD

MobaLiveCD is a light and portable tool which is packaged in a single executable of size 1.6 MB only. A clear and easy to use interface and you can also run MobaLiveCD from a portable pen drive.

Key Features of MobaLiveCD

  • No need to burn a LiveCD to check it.
  • Easy Right click menu integration for easy and fast start.
  • MobaLiveCD is portable tool, it does not require installation.

Download MobaLiveCD

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