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Monitor rss Feeds with Symbolic rss Alert Application directly from your desktop

Simbolic RSS AlertIt is a FREE simple application for monitoring RSS feeds. It is very light low memory consuming application which sits in your system tray and monitors different rss feeds which you specify.



The main purpose of the application is for users who don’t need a complete RSS application but would like to know when a couple of feeds have changed.

This application is really use full when you want to monitor some feeds like latest cool freeware’s released, new Microsoft products released or when you want to monitor some of the official google blogs like Google Reader Blog, Google Blog, etc which does not offer subscribe via email option.

Symbolic rss alert application allows you to customize the interval for checking for new updated feed items on the feeds which you specify ( as shown in the image below ).








As shown in the image above, I have set the time interval as  5 minutes in my case. Right click on the application icon in the system tray to play with the options and features.  

You can also change the alert method notification to balloon , dialog or none, Similarly you can specify a alert sound also ( shown in the image below )







It has an option to integrate with the Microsoft RSS Platform (Requires IE7), but you don’t need IE7 if you only use the internal feed store.

Some Known Limitations

1. Only supports RSS 2.0 for internal feeds. If Microsoft RSS Platform integration is enabled than all formats supported by the platform will work.

2. Will let you that a feed has changed but can’t tell you what has changed.

System Requirements:

Microsoft Windows with Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0

[ Download FREE Symbolic RSS Alert | Application HomePage ]

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