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How To Run Your Favorite Softwares and Songs Directly From Run


Today i am going to share a cool windows trick with all the readers of Technix Update about how can you run your favorite programs directly typing it from run prompt.

Let us assume that your favorite program is firefox as it is in my case we want to run firefox directly from run prompt and when i type “fire” in run prompt firefox get started automatically..

So how are you going to do it.You need to follow some very simple steps…..listed below: –

1.Make a shortcut of your favorite applications or songs which you want to run.

2.Now Rename these shortcuts with small names so that they become easy to remember like “fire” for the firefox.(Optional Step)

3.Now copy these shortcuts in the folder called system32(which contains some .exe and large no of other files to provide support for various commands like msconfig,cmd etc.) in your operating system drive which is by default is “c drive”.

Note: so the path to the folder would be if it is a “c drive” :- c:\windows\system32 or You can directly open this folder by typing “system32″ without double quotes in run prompt else replace the drive letter in the above path.

4.Now close all windows and open run prompt by pressing window+r or by selecting it from all programs and type the respective shortcut name for your program n see the magic.

If you like this trick please post your valuable comments about it…

9 replies on “How To Run Your Favorite Softwares and Songs Directly From Run”

Well it was a nice tweak but I have a better suggestion…
Rightclick the icon of ur fav program and simply create a shortcut to your desktop. LOL. I dont ever see something like this come “handy”
Looking forward to more meaningful and mindboggling tweaks that are expected from a site the stature of Technix!

What I do generally is to type the software name followed by .exe, it may not work in all cases, but most of the cases it works.
like firefox.exe, photoshop.exe.

@yash — well it may be a better option to create desktop shortcuts to the application but for some geeks it is better way out with the way i have described, as they don’t like to use mouse generally to launch their fav apps. and for them it is meaningful…i hope u got my point.

@nirmal — ya i agree it doesn’t wrk all the time but for most of apps. it works.

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