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Gmail Hack Series Part 2..How to move Chat on the right in Gmail Interface

This post is the second trick or hack that can be applied to gmail with greasemonkey extenstion in firefox…as the one i have discussed in my previous mail about Today i am going to tell all readers about how can we move the “Gmail Chat ” to the right of the gmail interface as shown below in the image.


1.Install Greasemonkey if not installed

2.Install the Script to move the chatting pane. Other Grease Monkey Scripts for Gmail are:-

Gmail ~ Super Clean – a clean white gmail skin.
Gmail + Reader Integrator

GMail Ad Remover – removes web clips.

GMail Talk Emoticons – Adds additional emoticons to Gmail’s in-browser GTalk.

GMail CSS Skin – Greasemonkey script for Firefox to change the appearance of GMail

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