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How to enable transparent windows in win xp, vista and win 2000 without aero glass.

In case of windows vista to run cool aero glass effects it normally require a powerful graphic card or some good amount of video memory shared on the motherboard and in case of windows  xp it is not even possible without some modified theme softwares like window blinds.

So, In order to enable transparency effects (aero effects) in win xp you will need a small freeware called glass2k  ,this software is suported on all the windows system windows 2000 onwards.

So only thing you need to do to enable the transparent effects in your win xp is to download and install this software and make sure to check the ‘Auto-Load Glass2k‘ at the time of configuration.

Shortcuts Cheats For Glass2k

Once it is installed and running the icon is shown in the system-tray (near the clock), you can press the following key comibations:

  • Control + Shift + 9 : Least transparency
  • Control + Shift + 8 : A little more transparency
  • Control + Shift + . : …
  • Control + Shift + . : …
  • Control + Shift + 2 : Very high transparency
  • Control + Shift + 1 : Maximum transparency
  • Control + Shift + 0 : No transparency / Solid

Download Glass2k For Win Vista/Xp/2000

If you have anything to say or want to know more about customizing appearance of windows xp leave a comment here.

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