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How to copy songs and videos from your ipod to your pc without using iTunes

In order to reduce piracy apple has made the transfer of music and videos files from ipod >> pc and pc >> ipod.

But sometimes using itunes seems very difficult as we got feed up of the interface and slow speed, so today i am going to shsre a new trick as a step by step procedure to copy songs and videos from your ipod to your computer without using iTunes.

Step By Step Procedure:

  • Insert or connect your ipod to the firewire or usb port.
  • If your pc doesn’t have the itunes installed skip this step.
  • Open the your ipod as a portable drive.
  • Go to Tools -> Folder Options -> View, and then enable the option “Show hidden files and folders.”
  • Now you will see a new folder “ipod control” in the root directory of ipod open it then open music folder .
  • This Music folder contains the iPod’s music and videos, divided into folders.
  • Now Copy the library to local computer hard drive’s My Music folder
  • add the files to the media player and rename the files if you like.
  • that’s it , You are done.

If you have any problem in implementing the above procedure , leave a comment here we would love to get back to you.

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8 replies on “How to copy songs and videos from your ipod to your pc without using iTunes”

I just bought a new computer. I was on an XP system and now I have Vista. If I go to the Computer menu, I do not see my Ipod show up as a device. If I open iTunes, I do see my iPod. Since I can’t click on my iPod as a device, I can’t copy the files. Any advice?

i have vista too, you have to go to the my computer on the vista menu and your ipod should be right there then just follow the directions

and it’s solved! =D
it’s quite silly and simple actually…
after you enable disk use, you need to click the ‘apply’
button on the right hand bottom corner of the itunes window…
hehe! then it should show up.
good luck =]

i have a problem i have vista and when i get to the ipod in the my computer there is no tools button to click on please halp

THANKS SO MUCH! this really helped
by the way, for those of you vista users, i had the same problem that i couldn’t find the tools button so what you have to do is right click the ipod folder and click “options” and it should give you the option of viewing the hidden folders

I’m using Vista and my Ipod does show up in my computer but only as a digital camera, I’ve done the show hidden files bit but that doesn’t work, all there is when I open the device is a file called DCIM and it’s only got my downloaded photos on there like backgrounds etc, not even my personal photos are in there. Very confused as these are the same instructions on lots of sites and I’ve tried it a million times. Can you help?!!

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