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Experience dreamsene like vista on windows xp with vlc player

Yes , Even you don’t have a graphic card or any other memory requirements that are required to be met in order to have a dreamscene experience in vista still you can experience dreamscene both with any version of vista and also on windows xp.

What is Dreamscene  ?

It like a dynamic working environment in which a movie clip runs on on desktop with  all icons visible and active. i.e both the video and desltop is active simultaneously.

So , you must be wondering how ? But the answer is so simple as it can be done very easily if you have vlc player(Download it from here) or Bsplayer which has desktop running mode.

How to do it:

  • Run any video in vlc player.
  • Go to video>>wallpaper and go to the playlist set the video in repeat mode.
  • That’s it !Done.

Note: But if want to know a more innovative way of doing it leave a comment here i would love to post that method too.

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