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Get Windows Seven Like Start Menu on Vista and XP

VSE7 is a FREE program which lets make your windows Vista or XP start menu look like windows seven. It lets you emulate all those effects of windows seven start menu on your windows vista and xp start menu.


VSE7 will provide some great features windows seven start menu like enhanced UI with better effects like blur, recent items list and pinning and application rating system.

VES7 provides the following features:

  • Enhanced UI
  • Blur Effect
  • Recent items list
  • Pinning of items
  • Application Rating System
  • Live Search with iSearch

VES7 is in active development and there are lot more new features which will be there in its upcoming releases. In order to run VES7 download it, extract the contents of the zip file in a separate folder and run the executable VSE.exe

Download Windows Seven Like Start Menu

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