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Get Aero In Windows XP

Fast Aero ( via Ghacks ) is a small FREE utility which allows to to have aero glass effects in windows XP jus like you windows vista

Aero Glass effect in vista is another cool effect which makes the borders of the windows transparent against the background. Windows Aero Glass adds a level of translucency to all windows in vista.


Fast Aero is FREE program which does not even require any installation you just need double click the executable to run it.

Lets see how to use Fast Aero to enable aero in Windows XP

The Default language of the program is polish so you may not be able to understand anything written on the program interface, so better change the default language to english

Note: Fast Aero is supported on windows XP only so don’t try to run it on windows vista.

Fast Aero provides aero in windows XP with a cool blue shade which looks cool and also it does not use greater system resources to run it.

Download Fast Aero

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