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Free RAR Password Cracker Download

Free RAR password cracker allows you to crack and decrypt the password of the RAR file and extract the password protected contents.

Free RAR password crackers are really useful to break the password protected file of RAR files that you may have downloaded from torrents and through forum links fro rapidshare. It could also be a case when you have protected a RAR file with a password and forgot the password after then.

After some searching I was able to find out two free RAR passwords crackers which are free and easy to use. Both of these rar password crackers apply brute force and dictionary attacks to break the password of the RAR file.

Let’s discuss both of these tools to crack the password of the rar file

1. RAR Pass Finder – It is a portable light tool, the interface of the program is in German language but it consist of simple buttons. You can load the password list by pressing the Passwortliste button.

Rar Archives can be loaded be loaded to un protect and break the password by pressing Rar-Archiv button or you can also drag n drop the password protected RAR Archive.


After adding the rar file, select the password list online and load the password list from the same directory where you extracted the program contents. 

Note: This tool is completely portable so you can use it just extracting the program executable from the downloaded zip file.

Download RAR Password Finder

2. RAR Password Cracker – This is another free RAR password cracker requires no special requirements for memory capacity but the processor performance should be good to run this tool.


This RAR Password Cracker is a shareware but the free version of this program allows you to crack two encrypted files at a time, but still it is good for most of the people. It applies brute force and dictionary attacks to the password sprotected files to break the password.

You get a good password dictionaries list from here

Download Free RAR Password Cracker

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