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Free Flv To Mp3 Converter Download

Free flv to mp3 converter is a FREE tool which lets you convert the downloaded flv files from youtube or any other video sites. It lets you convert you favourite video songs into mp3 audio which you can listen on your mobile phone or pc in any mp3 player.

Today we will tell you two easy to use methods which lets you convert downloaded flv to mp3 and how to convert and download any flv video from youtube to mp3 to your pc.


You can convert more than one flv videos to mp3 with this free flv to mp3 converter, it is the best tool for batch conversion of multiple flv files together.

You can change the converted mp3 attributes like mono to stereo, alter the bit rate and frequency of the final mp3 file by un checking the check box which says Default settings

This program has the most simple and easy to use interface, and it is free from any pop up and ads. Free flv to mp3 is 100% clean contains no spyware, adware and malware etc.

Download Free Flv to MP3 Converter

How to convert Flv To MP3 Online

If in any case you don’t have the flv downloaded on your computer, even then you can convert any flv video on youtube to mp3 by using a free web service called


This service flv2mp3 provides free conversion of any flv video either directly from youtube by the video link or you can also upload the flv from your computer.

Note: This service is quite good to use but it always convert the flv in mono mp3 format and takes more time as compared to free flv to mp3 converter mentioned above.

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Free(z) Flv To Mp3 Converter.
The program works nice but it is NOT free. After a short time I had to fill in personal data form to get a free registration. AFTER done so, they told me that I have to buy a program to get a free registration. And what do they with my personal data?

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