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FireFox – Open Favourite URL’s with Shortcut Keys

ShortcutKey2URL is a cool firefox add on which lets you open any website in firefox with a keyboard shortcut you specify.

The shortcut you specify to open the website URL will be of the syntax [ ctrl + Q + any key ] , just like in my case I tested ShortcutKey2URL and specified a keyword shortcut  as Ctrl + Q + E 


Three kinds of methods can be specified for the method of opening URL, like opening it in current active tab, new tab or search the previously opened tab.

You can configure and edit the previous key board shortcuts you specify by pressing Ctrl + Q


This little extension can be really handy by for you to open the most frequently visited web sites through keyboard shortcuts easily. It is also possible with ShortcutKey2URL to register as URL and to execute the bookmark from the toolbar.

Download ShortcutKey2URL

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