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Export Crashed Registry With Windows Registry Recovery

Windows Registry Recovery is a cool free utility which comes rescue when your windows registry crashed or corrupted, windows registry recovery lets you read the registry hives and also let them export any registry key.

Windows Registry Recovery offers a multiple document interface in which every topic data can be saved into a separate CSV


All the registry hive can be exported into REGEDIT4 format, Let’s see how can you use this tool to export or read the corrupted registry.

Description of Multiple Document Interface In Windows Registry Recover

  • File Information
    See basic file properties and checksums.
  • Security Record Explorer
    Displays all security records used in registry. This explorer is available only for NT based system registry hives.
  • SAM
    Displays Machine SID and part of SYSKEY. This explorer is available only for NT based system registry SAM hive.
  • Windows Installation
    Displays Windows name, ID and key, install date and user registration info.
  • Control Set
    Displays all configured devices that worked on host machine.
  • User Data
    Displays user and machine name and tree based Start menu for selected USER hive.
  • Startup Applications
    Enumerates all the applications that are registered to be run after startup.
  • Services and Drivers
    Enumerates all the installed services and drivers with properties.
  • Network Configuration
    Displays all installed network clients, protocols and services.
  • Environment
    Displays all environment variables.
  • Shell Folders
    Displays shell folders (folders known to system).
  • Outlook Express
    Digs out all Outlook Express accounts and their settings.
  • Raw Data
    This explorer displays whole registry in known tree format.

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