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End Inactive Tasks On Your Computer

JustCloseSomeTasks is a small FREE utility which lets you close inactive tasks running on your computer and lets you free up the taskbar space.

It so simple to use as it automatically list up all the tasks which are in opened state but inactive, out of which you can select which ones you want to end.


With JustCloseSomeTasks you can save the taskbar space and free up the memory portion and CPU being utilised by these inactive tasks.

It also lets you configure hot keyboard shortcut to launch the application and can be run automatically on windows startup.

Just in case if you did not set any shortcuts while installing the application press the hotkey button (Ctrl-` by default – change via system tray -> preferences) and all windows opened gets listed with the ones older than 120 seconds checked.

Some of the tasks are automatically marked for closing when they’re not being used for a certain amount of time (expiry time). JustCloseSomeTasks will learn your behaviour and lets you adjust this expiry time under preferences.

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