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Download All Windows Seven Transformation Packs – Full Setups

After Windows Seven got released on torrents and rapidshare, I can’t wait to install and experience on my desktop or laptop but the can not download windows seven pre beta due to monthly bandwidth restrictions imposed by my ISP 🙁

There is a saying – ”if there is a will there is a way” So, with this attitude I started searching for some thing that could provide the overall experience of windows seven on my vista and I found recently released Windows Seven Transformation Pack for Vista and XP. 🙂


This pack can transform your old windows into new windows se7en look and feel, Windows Transformation pack includes the following features.


Windows Se7en Transformation Pack 2009 includes the following Features

  1. Windows Seven Visual Style
  2. Windows Seven Start Menu
  3. Windows Seven Styler TB
  4. Windows Seven Pie Dock
  5. Windows Seven Wallpapers

Windows Seven Transformation Pack – Visual Style lets you explore Windows Seven Wallpapers, Windows Seven Styler TB and Windows Seven Theme


Windows Seven Transformation Pack – Software lets you apply Windows Seven Blaero Start Orb, Windows Seven Start Menu, Windows Seven Pie Dock


This transformation pack includes following some more features also including:

  • Vienna Bootscreen
  • Vienna Explorer
  • Vienna Wallpaper
  • Vienna Gadgets
  • Vienna Sounds

This awesome transformation pack is made by person called hatem20, so all credits goes to him and you can contact him directly if you face any issues.

Download Windows Seven Transformation Pack (rapidshare link)

PS: Use this transformation pack at your own risk we are not responsible for any damages it may cause


Some More Windows 7 Transformation Packs With Some Variations in Looks [ Links Given Below ]

Download Windows Vienna Transformation Pack v 3.0 [Size : 59.2 MB]>>

Windows 7 Transformation Pack Download

Windows 7
Transformation Pack
2009 Download

Windows 7
Transformation Pack
no.5 for
Windows Vista

11 replies on “Download All Windows Seven Transformation Packs – Full Setups”

i downlode the windows 7 transformation pack for xp when extracting the archive popup asking passward, what is passward. pl send me passward if you had.



Hey Abhishek !! (m with same name !!)

gone through ur post and found it wonderful.
One thing about abhishek name holders is “they never forget to say thanks !”
and here i spared my minutes for saying Thanks. My download has started and right now is under progress.

am from the same field i.e. IT branch and was just roaming on google to find something new and found ur post. Well lets see is the transformation really awesome or not.,.
And dont worry for the next post ;; will soon post my experience and expert comments…


why my laptop cannot install the Windows Seven Transformation Pack??
I’m Use Widows Vista Ultimate SP1..
when i install this software always error??
my laptop send me message ” app closed ” like that..

Please Help me…

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