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Download Free Gmail Notifier For Windows 7 has recently released the free gmail notifier application for windows 7, this tiny application will sit in windows 7 system tray and keep running in the background checking for new mails in your gmail inbox you had configured with the application, it will notify you for any new messages in your inbox.

gmail-notifier-windows-7 new-mail-windows-7

This particular version of gmail notifier is developed to work on windows 7 only, you can right click anytime to see the subject of all the mails together.


Not only this will also notify you when it is unable to check for new mails due to lost internet connectivity, or due to wrong password.

gmail-notifier-lost-internet gmail-notifier-wrong-password

Download Free Gmail Notifier For Windows 7

windows 7

Download Free Official Windows 7 Tips and Tricks E-Book

Microsoft has yet again released a windows 7 tips and tricks e-book just like previously it had released the vista tips and tricks e-book. This windows 7 tips and tricks e-book provides quick guide and tips to make your windows 7 experience smooth and easy.

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Download Original Official Windows 7 RC Wallpapers High Resolution [ Build 7100 ]

Microsoft has recently released windows 7 RC version which you can download from this link, however there is no change the user interface of windows 7 but some of the new features added in to stream your library over the internet with windows media player.

Another new thing which comes with Windows 7 RC is the new set of some amazing wallpapers, but you don’t need to download windows 7 RC to download all the wallpapers.


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Display Two Time Zones In Windows 7 / Vista

It becomes very important for blogger or a web writer to get an idea about more than one time zones as it is related to posting of articles.

So, if you want to know the time in two time zones without thinking a bit or calculating then you can select to show two time zones both in windows 7 and vista.


When ever you want to see the time in two times zones you have configured in windows just hover your mouse on time on the taskbar.

Let’s see how can you configure to show two time zones

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Free Custom Aero Theme For Windows 7

Finally the first ever theme for windows 7 is out at by a user alkhan, recently we had written about how to apply custom themes in windows 7 by patching Uxtheme.dll and some other system files of windows 7.

This first ever custom windows 7 theme based on aero diamond also got its name as Aero Diamond Theme for Windows 7. This theme is slightly change to the windows seven theme for vista.


(Image Credit Goes To alkhan)

This theme introduces completely transparent effects like aero in windows 7 with some changes and UI tweaks in explorer in win 7.

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Tweak Windows 7

Windows 7 beta has been released recently, we had already written some articles on how to patch uxtheme.dll in windows 7 to apply custom themes and how can you hide the annoying action center messages, Today we are going tell you how can you tweak windows 7.


SetteMaxer is the first windows 7 tweaking tool which lets you tweak windows 7 through various registry tweaks very easily and safely without touching windows 7 registry.

Let’s see what all you can tweak in windows 7 with SetteMaxer

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Use Custom / MSStyles Themes In Windows 7 | UxTheme Patch for Windows 7

Windows 7 beta is finally released from microsoft by default windows 7 already provide some themes bundled with the new release of windows 7 Beta.

But as you may get bored with the default themes in windows 7 you can try lot more new themes, sidebar gadgets and wallpapers on this official link form Microsoft.


All these themes, wallpapers and gadgets are from Microsoft which are digitally signed but what if you want to install a custom designed theme just like you do in windows xp.

In Windows XP and Vista you can install custom or MSStyles themes by patching Uxtheme.dll (theme manager) by UxTheme Patcher for Vista SP1 and XP SP2.

Similarly you can use UxTheme Patcher for Windows 7 which allows you to patch Uxtheme.dll and two other related files which you will need to patch to install cool looking custom or MSStyles themes in windows 7.

Let’s see how can you patch Uxtheme.dll in windows 7

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Download Free Windows 7 Codec Packs

After installing windows 7 Beta on your computer you might face some error while playing some formats of video in windows 7 media payer and in media center.


However windows 7 Beta comes with some more additional codec’s bundled with it like DIVX, H.264 video and AAC audio, but still multimedia files cannot be played in windows 7 with out installing the right codec’s, so you can play any Divx or MP4 video. Windows 7 Beta has windows media player 12 and media center which cannot play most of the formats of video with out installing the codec packs.

So,  we are going to list all the codec packs available on the web to resolve the video not playing problem in windows 7.