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Download Free Windows 7 Codec Packs

After installing windows 7 Beta on your computer you might face some error while playing some formats of video in windows 7 media payer and in media center.


However windows 7 Beta comes with some more additional codec’s bundled with it like DIVX, H.264 video and AAC audio, but still multimedia files cannot be played in windows 7 with out installing the right codec’s, so you can play any Divx or MP4 video. Windows 7 Beta has windows media player 12 and media center which cannot play most of the formats of video with out installing the codec packs.

So,  we are going to list all the codec packs available on the web to resolve the video not playing problem in windows 7.

Windows 7 Codec Pack For x86 Windows System (32 bit)

This codec will not mess any thing on your windows 7 as it automatically removes all the codec’s packs previously installed so you don’t need to make any adjustments to play any file type after installing this codec pack.


Note: This codec pack does not include any media player and it does not associate.

Download Windows 7 Codec Pack for x86 System | Alternative Download For Windows 7 Codec Pack

But if you had installed windows 7 64 bit and on x64 based systems, in that case you can try the windows 7 codec pack for x64 based windows 7 given below.

Windows 7 Codec Pack for x64 Windows 7

Win7x64 Components pack will let you install the required video codec’s to watch your favourite video in MediaCenter systems.

Note: You will need a x64 Windows OS to install the codec pack.

Download Win7x64 Components pack for x64 Windows 7 | Alternative Download Link For Win7x64 Components Pack

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