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Download windows 7 circle dock bar for free

These days we had been posting a lot more stuff related to windows 7 like free windows 7 transformation pack, windows 7 tricks and hacks and download windows 7 themes

Today we have come up with Windows 7 circle dock bar for you, which looks exactly like circle doc bar of windows 7


You can further customize it further to according to your own preference.

Let’s see how can further customize the look and feel of windows 7 circle dock bar

You can customize the look and feel to make it look like these examples shown below or make your own style upload it somewhere and add a comment at the end of this post with the link.



You can play with options of by right clicking of the circle dock bar and select settings


This will open up the windows 7 circle dock configuration window


Features of Windows 7 dock bar are:

  • Drag and Drop your shortcuts, files and folder to add it to the taskbar
  • You can rotate the dock items with the mouse wheel or arrow keys
  • Change the image show for the icon and change the skins
  • Dock appears on the mouse location by pressing F1 key
  • Reorder the dock items on the dock bar by drag and drop
  • You can add more and any icon of your choice
  • It offers a cool icon replacement mode
  • Works in all Windows Vista and Windows XP
  • Also work with multiple monitors
  • Launch programs from a circular dock
  • It can run from USB drives
  • Includes support for French, English, Portuguese, Russian, Italian, Dutch, Hungarian, Indonesian, Serbian, Croatian, Chinese, Spanish, German, and Danish

Windows 7 circle dock bar does not require installation but require .net framework 2.0 to be installed to run.

Download Windows 7 Circle Dock Bar

PS: Please note that this circle dock bar is a concept which might be included in windows 7 beta release but you can add it to windows 7 explicitly by userself.

24 replies on “Download windows 7 circle dock bar for free”

I just downloaded windows 7 and can confirm there is no circle dock like this. It’s still a taskbar at the bottom of the screen.

I second that Dan, I’ve been testing W7 for a week now and a circle dock is no where to be seen. Why people keep saying that there is, is a joke!

It is a task bar or not, it good or not, I do not see my icons in the Windows 7 menu and I do not like it!!!!!!!
How do I get it installed or get my icons back.


why is that that everytime i open a doc, page or anything at all this circle doc always stays on top??? how can i make it stay at the bottom??

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