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Download RSS feeds with Daily RSS Download 1.0.1


I read a lot of feeds on daily basis, as a tech blogger it becomes more important for me to be updated with the latest and useful softwares being released and other technology related things.

So, if you do read a large number of feeds it could be a better idea to rather download some of them through, daily rss download feeds of the RSS feed if you don’t have time to read it online.

Daily RSS- Main Screen

It allows you to download RSS feeds from different web site in single click, it is very uniquely designed to grab rss feeds and save them your hard drive.

Let’s what more features it offers and how can you use it to download rss feed to your desktop.

Features of Daily RSS Download

  • Download RSS feeds on your local drive.
  • Download Full RSS feeds with full images.
  • Schedule it to run on daily basis ( don’t worry it will always download new posts only from the RSS feeds)
  • Creates a summary of each feed with abstract for each post with title
  • Can download full feed from the web sites which have only partial feeds enabled

How To Use Daily RSS Download

1. After installing Daily RSS Download, run it and select the downloads folder for feeds and add all RSS feeds which you would like download.

Daily RSS- Main Screen

2. You can also configure to download the main content from any web site and extract the content via regular expression start and end markers.

Daily-RSS-Download-Feed Settings  

After downloading the feed it will show a index page, which will have a title and a small abstract for each post, like the one shown in the image below.


This small application could prove more useful, when you may want to extract content (strip header and footer) of associated web sites using regular expressions.

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