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DeleteMe – Delete Temporary Files Periodically and Automatically

DeleteMe is a FREE useful program which allows you to delete unchanged files from a  specified path defined. It can be effectively used for cleaning files from temporary folders, can log files and folders or you may also clean files from network shared folders which are supposed to be clean on regular time basis.

After installing DeleteMe you will need to configure the path of the temporary folder or any other custom folder in which you want to delete files and folders.


You can set to delete sub folders, hidden files and read only files at the specified folder path, more over you can define the number of days after which it will delete all the unchanged files and folders 

It always allows you to schedule to run the application on windows startup or run itself to delete the files at idle time so that it does not slow down other applications.


Some Key Features Of DeleteMe

1. It safely removes the unmodified files and folders

2. It can track and delete files and folders from unlimited files and folders

3. It can also be used as a console based application that can executed through batch files.

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