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Convert Firefox 3 Location Bar Into Firefox 2 Location Bar

There is a big difference in between the firefox 3 location bar and firefox 2 location bar both in terms of the looks and functionality provided. Just in case if you don’t like the location bar or address bar of firefox 3 and revert it to as there in firefox 2 here is how you can do it.

There is a cool addon called Old Location Bar which makes firefox 3 location bar look and act like firefox 2 location bar


Some other key features provided by old location bar addon are

  • URL Bar displays the old way as there in firefox 2.
  • Go button always displays in the location bar on the right.
  • RSS logo no longer displays in the location bar.
  • Favourite button no longer displays in the location bar.
  • No longer displays through your Bookmarks as suggestions.
  • Only matches what you type, doesn’t guess at all
  • Only shows results for URL’s you had visited
  • URL Bar turns to Yellow when visiting a "Secure" page in firefox 3.

Note: Old Location Bar is experimental addon and you will need to sign up to firefox community in order to download this addon.

 Install Old Location Bar

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