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CleanMem – Free Automatic Memory Cleaning and Optimization Program For Windows

CleanMem is free zero buggy program as it is designed to run in such a way that it never disturbs and keep doing that task of cleaning of memory out all the process it can, without any user input.

It does not have any visible program window, it will run after every 30 minutes be default with task scheduler, but you can change the amount of time after it should run in your case through task scheduler.

It is really a nice piece of program meant for its purpose of cleaning the memory periodically so that all your programs get sufficient amount of memory to work speedily.

It clears the file cache of the windows system the same way CacheSet does, so it cleans both the processes and file cache and recovers more memory and results ins enhanced performance.

Note: CleanMem is completely free program which comes with out any adware, spyware and malware etc. 

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