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AddToRun – Run Any Programs In Windows From Start Menu Run Prompt

AddToRun is a FREE to use utility which will allow you to run or open any file or application from start menu run command prompt (which open up when you press Window Key + R ).

It has a very easy and simple to use interface which will allow you to select a file or application shortcut and define a alias or friendly name with which you can run the application from run prompt. (as shown in the image below)


I had already written some article on the simple tweak being done by this software of running any application from run prompt by typing the custom set alias name for that application.

Previously I wrote on How To Run Your Favourite Softwares and Songs Directly From Run and on Open Folder With An Alias Name Through Run Prompt these are the same type of tweak being done on windows computer without using any software like AddToRun

Note: This small application AddToRun is supported on all the versions of windows released yet including windows 7

Download AddToRun

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Tip: Create Custom Shell Folders Like My Documents, My Pictures With My Shell Folder

I have been always fascinated by these shell folders like my documents, my pictures and my music etc as they can reside some where on your desktop and start menu which makes them easy to access and they can not be deleted or renamed.


All these shell folders in windows are based on folder redirection principle where a particular folder space is being redirected to a specific path in windows like My Pictures or My Documents will be actually placed in Documents and Settings >> Username >> My Documents or My Pictures

My Shell Folder allows you to create shell folders like My Documents, My Pictures which will be shown in My Computer and stay on your desktop and they cannot be deleted or renamed.

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MagicTray – Hide Windows System Tray Icons, Change Start Button Caption, Hide Desktop Icons, Hide Quick Launch Icons and lot more

Magic Tray is a free for personal use program which lets you play with windows and do all those nifty optimisations, you would like to try to save more space for the applications running on the desktop. It contains toggle button for all the tweaks, and to apply those tweaks is just the matter of one mouse click.


This application is another safe way of applying all these tweaks on windows as it does to involve playing with system registry at the user level. It will also show up the available RAM memory.

Some Cool Optimizations It Can Do In Windows Are:

  1. You can change the start button text with Magic Tray with single click
  2. You can hide / show the start button in single click with Magic Tray
  3. You can hide / show the desktop icons in single click with Magic Tray
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My Drive Icon – Set Custom Drive Icons To Drives In My Computer In Vista & XP

Almost all of us get bored seeing the same drive icons in my computer, it could be great if you can customize and assign a custom drive icon to the drives in my computer as per the types of contents you store.

We had also written an exclusive article on how do you get vista drive icons in xp, but in this article we will tell you to set custom drive icon with out any registry hack. 


My drive icon is the safest way to quickly assign custom drive icons in windows vista and xp without any registry play, and it is quite simple and easy to use. But you will need to refresh the view (Press F5) in my computer to see the new drive icon set by my drive icon.

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Change or Hide The Last Username Logged On Username Dialog Box

Yes, it is possible to hide or change the username of the last user logged on a windows computer, if you landed here searching for the same this is the right place where we will tell you all the ways to hide or change the username logged as the last user logged into registry.


In order to stop windows from showing up the username of the last user logged in successfully you would need to apply a minor registry hack which would prevent windows from displaying the last username logged in windows.

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WhatInStartup – Enable / Disable / Delete Programs In Windows Startup

WhatInStartup is a FREE program which lets you see all programs which gets loaded on microsoft system startup. It will display the list of programs in your windows startup.

All the programs will shown with the following information like Startup Type ( Registry/Startup Folder) , Command Line String, Product Name, File Version, Company Name and Location path in the windows registry.


This programs is quite simple to use and it completely portable also, moreover there are keyboard shortcuts which lets you enable / disable these programs in windows through simple hot function keys.

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Open Windows Partition From System Tray

Hawkscope is a small utility which allows you to access and open any of your drive contents on your hard disk. It is really fast in enumerating files and folder in your drive and folder you want to browse with hawkscope.


This small tool will save you lots of useless clicks, as it represents a very good navigational way of browsing the folder contents and open the folder at the deepest level easily.

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Access Hidden Folders In Windows With Special Folders

Special Folders allows you to see the contents of those windows hidden folders on your computer. You can see all the hidden folders contents but will not be able to alter any thing inside those folders to avoid any problem.


Just press A for start exploring the hidden folders in windows and press the number of the entry for a specific folder entry to dig further in the list.