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Desk Topmost – Access The Floating Desktop With Pressing Show Desktop and Without Minimizing The Opened Applications

It happens sometimes when you need to access the desktop for some reason but you have a large list of opened programs and windows which cannot be minimized so easily and quickly.

So, when you press Show Desktop the taskbar or press Window+D to access the desktop it takes time as it will need to minimize all the opened programs and windows, but with Desk Topmost you can access the desktop icons and other files without minimising the opened windows.

Desk Topmost allows you to access the desktop in the floating mode by making all the opened windows transparent and lets you see the desktop icons and files in the translucent mode. (as shown in the image below)


The default hotkey to access the desktop without minimizing the opened applications and windows is Ctrl+Alt+D . It will keep running the system tray with a small show desktop icon.

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In order to get back to the normal state you just need to press mouse right click and the translucent desktop will disappear and you will see the opened windows in the original state you left.

Note: Desk Topmost is 100% clean and FREE!

Download Desk Topmost For Windows 2000, Xp, 2003 users:

 Download Desk Topmost DeskTopmost_Xp.exe

Download Desk Topmost For Windows Vista, 2008, 7 users:

 Download Desk Topmost DeskTopmost_Vista.exe

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