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Backup flickr account photos

If for any reason you want to backup all the photos you had uploaded to flickr, there are lots of free tools available which lets you backup all your flickr uploaded photos easily.


When it comes to backup of flickr account it could be case when you are moving to a new computer, or may be you want to backup all the photos and then store them on cd/dvd

Out of all the free tools available we have selected two of them which are best and easy to use out of all the tools. One of the tool is Downloadr and other one is Flickr Backup and both of them are free.

Let’s discuss about these tools one by one and do a comparative review in between them.

1. Downloadr – It is one of the best free tool to backup your flickr account pictures, moreover you can also search using full text, sets, dates , groups etc.


You can also search flickr images with Downloadr as only creative commons photos will be in your search results.

While downloading you will get a small executable file called Updatr.exe. Move it to any directory you want or make a separate directory and start it. It will then install and run the latest version of Downloadr for you.

Backup Instructions For Flickr Backup

In your preferred web browser, login to your Flickr account first and now Launch Downloadr.

1. Under File Menu >> Click Extras >> Authenticate – this will launch flickr in your favourite browser 

2. Now in File Menu In Downloadr, click Extras and then select Complete backup.

Download Downloadr

2. Flickr Backup – It is another perfect tool for downloading all of your photos from Flickr and creating a backup which you restore after then. Flickr Backup is a free tool written in java and available for both PC and Mac users.


Download Flickr Backup For Windows | Download Flickr Backup For MAC

Note: In the browser for both of the above tools, instruct Flickr to “OK, I’LL ALLOW IT” to authenticate the applications to access your account.


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