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Automatic RapidShare Downloader For Free Users

Rapidshare Plus 3.1 is a free and easy to use automatic downloader which allows free users to download multiple files automatically from rapidshare. It can save you from frustration of seeing the message of download limit exceeded for the free users.

Rapidshare Plus 3.1 can queue all the files you want to download, this is best rapidshare downloader for free users who face download limit exceeded and download waiting time when they try to download.


This rapidshare downloader will queue all the files to be download and lets you download automatically by trying after a fixed time interval of time.

Features of Rapidshare Plus 3.1 

  • Queue Autosave
  • Advanced Error Handling
  • Copy and Paste Improvement
  • Minimize to tray
  • Auto download for all the files in the queue
  • Add a rapidshare link list of files
  • Balloon Notification
  • Retry when download is timed out.

Download Rapidshare Plus 3.1 | Developer Page

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