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Automate Tasks In Windows with Marxio Timer

Marxio Timer lets you schedule some common tasks in windows like Turn off Computer, Display Text, Log out, Restart Computer, Suspend, Hibernate, Lock computer, Run Program, Play Sound and suspend.

With Marxio Timer you can schedule and action to happen at a specified time interval or after some idle time and additionally it will also show you the countdown timer.

Marxio-Timer     As it also lets you run programs, you can schedule the disk defragmentation or disk scan when your computer is idle with Marxio Timer

You can also set password on Marxio Timer to run or set it to make a screenshot when it performs a the action on the scheduled time.

But there is no option to trigger the action depending on the CPU usage but could be a suggested feature for this useful application. After configuring every thing you just need to click activate button at the bottom of the application interface.

There are both portable version and installer of this application is available for download and use.

Download Marxio Timer Installer | Download Marxio Timer Portable Version

6 replies on “Automate Tasks In Windows with Marxio Timer”

Just downloaded Marxio Timer. I’ve been waiting long for such simple and powerful app – simple interface so you will not make a mistake (no command line switches, just simple interface). Havent seen any bugs so far, but portable version is excellent – it works even on Windows 2008 and Vista.

Very good article.This program is really helpful. Freeware without any adverts. I would change few things, but generally I give it full 5.

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