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4 Ways To Create A Free Pencil Sketch Of Your Photos

One of my friend just asked me how can she create a photo sketch her profile pic at facebook, its really amazed to see the pencil sketch of some of the pictures of your own.


As the pencil sketch are so natural to represent the real beauty of the picture as if its drawn by pencil only and you can impress your friends around on various social networks like orkut, facebook etc.

Today we will tell you 4 free ways to create a pencil sketch online and offline both. Let’s see how can you create a pencil sketch with some free tools available online and offline.

1. FotoSketcher ( Free Offline Sketch Tool )

It is a free utility which allows you to convert any your digital photos into pencil sketch automatically.


Download FotoSketcher

2. Dumpr Sketch Tool ( Free Online Sketch Tool )

Dumpr pencil sketch tool lets you convert any image into pencil sketch, you just need to locate and upload the image.


Link to Dumpr Sketch Tool – 

3. ( Free Online Sketch Tool )

It is another free tool on internet which lets you create some amazing pencil sketch of your photos


Link to Sketchmyphoto Sketch tool –

4. ( Free Online Sketch Tool )

It is a cool free service which lets you convert your photos into a cool art work including a pencil sketch too.


Link to Befunky Tool –

These are all the tools we know as per our knowledge if you know more free tools for doing the same thing please comment at the end of this post we would love to add it as well.

Note: If you know some basics of image editing you may like to do this by yourself with photoshop here is a small and easy tutorial for the same  

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