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Windows vista tips & tricks pdf by microsoft..

When it comes to using vista you can apply a large number of tweaks in order to run windows vista as fast as xp…i will be explaining in my next post about how you can squeeze vista to make it much faster than ever. But now its time to let you guys know what Microsoft is offering in the name of windows vista tips n tricks.

Well if you simply search google with a search string “Windows Vista Tricks” and press i am feeling lucky you would land up official site of windows vista by microsoft. The site has lot more to offer like free Exploring Windows Newsletter directly to your mailbox so if you like you can subscribe.

Now coming to the point microsoft also offers 10 official windows vista tips & tricks document both as .pdf and .xps files.

Well there are not so amazing tricks or any tweaks in this document but it contains some things worth to be read…i suggest have a look. The entire document is categorized into three sections Search & Organize in Windows Vista ,Browsing with Internet Explorer 7 ,Backup & Security .

In all these tricks tricks are worth reading once…atleast.

Downloads Windows Vista Top 10 Tips & Tricks

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