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Use Snip Tool in windows vista as a small replacement for snagit.

Well finally microsoft has included a inbuilt snipping tool called Snip in their latest release operating system windows vista in all the editions.Now at least for those using conventional method for snapping various screen shots by those who cant afford screen casting softwares like snagit can have a somewhat better approach then the previous one.

How to use snip for screencasting ?

To access it, click the windows icon or press the window key and then type snip in the windows search box and click enter.

If it’s your first time using it, it’ll ask you whether you want to load a snip shorcut into the quick launch bar. When the Snip tool has been opened you have a few image capturing options. You can grab the standard “Full screen” or active “Window” shots, along with the ability to do a “Rectangular” or “Free form” snip. The full screen and window snips are self explanatory, the rectangular option allows you to capture more than a single window up to a full screen if you wanted. The free form option is handy for capturing windows which do not have a standard shape.

Keep exploring…

Till now they have kept it very simple so there is no provision for video capturing but they will be implementing some new features and refining it in the near future.

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