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Tweak & Speed Up Windows Vista to make it run as faster as Windows Xp part2

Tweak and make vista faster as windows xp continued…

  1. Open Run Prompt, type OptionalFeatures and press Enter.

Disable Features Like..


  • XPS Viewer (under .NET Framework 3.0)
  • Remote Differential Compression (a network optimizer)
  • Windows Ultimate Extras
  • n some other features according to you.
  • 6.Some NonEssentials Services You Can Disable

    There are several services you can disable to help improve performance.

    Desktop Window Manager Session Manager – Provides Desktop Window Manager startup and maintenance services.
    If you don’t plan on using Aero Glass, you can disable this service.

    Diagnostic Policy Service – Enables problem detection, troubleshooting and resolution for Windows components
    Set to Disabled

    Diagnostic System Host – Same as above

    Offline Files The Offline Files service performs maintenance activities on the Offline Files cache, responds to user logon and logoff events.

    Terminal Services Allows users to connect interactively to a remote computer. Remote Desktop and Terminal Server depend on this service. If you don’t use either of these, then you can disable the service.

    Windows Error Reporting Service – Allows errors to be reported when programs stop working or responding and allows existing solutions to be delivered.

    Windows Search – Formerly this was the Indexing Service. Provides content indexing.

    How To Disable These Services:

    1. Click the Start button or open run prompt(window key+r) and type “services.msc” without double quotes and hit Enter.
    2. Select the service to disable right click on it and go to Properties.
    3. Now Select the disabled action from the dropdown listbox menu.

    7. Disable the unwanted applications to load at start up.

    1. Click the Start button, type “msconfig” without double quotes and hit Enter.
    2. click the start up tab uncheck the unwanted applications.
    3. click apply and restart.

    8. Use ReadyBoost

    ReadyBoost is a Vista feature that uses a compatible USB flash device to enhance performance. Note that the oft-misunderstood feature isn’t a replacement for a memory upgrade, and it doesn’t affect game performance—you won’t see higher frame rates by adding a keychain drive to your system.ReadyBoost caches disk reads on the fly and can often speed up data access. Reads from a USB key or other ReadyBoost device are much faster than random reads from a platter on the hard drive. ReadyBoost data is encrypted, so if someone swipes the flash device he or she can’t tell what you’ve been up to. It’s secure, and it really does speed up access in certain instances.

    9. Adjust the Visual interface for optimium performance

    • Lose the transparency.
    1. Right-click the desktop go to personalise.
    2. click Personalize, and click Windows Color and Appearance.
    3. Uncheck Enable Transparency. Click OK.

    • Get rid of the Sidebar.
    1. Right-click the Sidebar, click Properties.
    2. Uncheck Start Sidebar When Windows Starts. Click OK.

    • Get rid of some of the visual effects.
    1. Open Control Panel, click Performance and System Tools.
    2. click Adjust Visual Effects. In the resulting window
    3. click Adjust For Best Performance.

    If you have more suggestion or comments about speeding up windows vista please leave a comment here…

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