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Top rated freewares to make your windows xp look like vista.

Well there numerous number of softwares with the help of which you can simply make your windows xp look like vista with tweaking windows xp.

As all these software are so light an easy to install that any one with a zero knowledge could do in once and all the softwares are mostly freewares so you don’t have to pay anything for it.

So Today  i am going to list all those softwares

Vista Look 1.0  – Vista Look is a small and reliable application representing a graphical user interface to create Microsoft’s manifest files. Download Vista Look 

Vista Drives 1.0  – This small utility will covert your drives icons in windows xp to similar icon used in vista for drives. Download Vista Drives

Vista Eyes 2.0  – Vista Eyes is an application that will display eyes that follow the mouse. Download Vista Eyes

Royale Vista 1.5.4 -  Royale Vista is a Windows theme that can transform your regular Windows XP look into Vista. Download Royale vista

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