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Take Screenshot From A Running Video

Free Video to JPG Converter allows you to take screenshot of a specific movie playing in it, that means you can save a specific frame scene as a jpg image from the movie at a specific time.


You can take the screenshots of your favourite movie scenes by clicking a simple button called Make Snapshot, so it allows you take snapshots from the movie at any point of time instantly by a single button click.

However it does not let you customize the output image format or customizing the keyboard shortcut or choosing the name pattern type of the screenshots you take with Free Video to JPG Converter

It can also take multiple screenshots automatically, you can also trim the video and select a particular frame of the video to be captured.

Make sure to avoid installing ask toolbar at the time of installation of Free Video to JPG Converter ( as shown in the image )


Download Free Video to JPG Converter

Another way to take the screenshots manually with out the use of any softwares is as follows

1. Right click the desktop >> Properties >> Settings >> Advanced >> Troubleshooting >> Hardware acceleration – set it to none.

2. Play the movie in Full screen and press print screen on your keyboard.

3. Paste in your favourite graphics editor or MS Paint and save it.

4. Make sure to enable hardware acceleration after saving the screenshot.   

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