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How to remove invisible googleupdate.exe or google updater from windows

GoogleUpdate.exe is small program which get installed with any google product you download and use. GoogleUpdate comes update comes bundled with google picasa, google desktop search, as in latest it comes embedded with google chrome.

GoogleUpdate seems to be hidden process, does not even show up when you install google chrome

What is GoogleUpdate.exe?  

“GoogleUpdate.exe is a software component that acts as a meta-installer and auto-updater in many downloadable Google applications, including Google Chrome. It keeps google programs updated”


Above is the snapshot of the googleupdate.exe running and shown at the task manager.

GoogleUpdate.exe automatically runs in the background and automatically connects to google servers, use system resources all the time, downloads and install these updates.

It also reports some data usage to the google servers which includes version numbers, language, operating system etc.

Many people may ask why should I remove googleupdate.exe, Let’s see why

Why you should stop googleupdate.exe?

Because it downloads the updates even when you don’t need them and it also consumes the some part of your internet bandwidth without asking any permission from you.

Let’s see how can you remove googleupdate.exe from your computer.