tips & tricks vista hacks

Some usefull commands for windows vista to get simple work done.

You may think that these commands are not usefull but mind it if you start doing some work through these commands you will love to do simple tasks with the commands only.

SHIFT Shifts the position of replaceable parameters in batch files.
SHUTDOWN Allows proper local or remote shutdown of machine.
SORT Sorts input.
START Starts a separate window to run a specified program or command.
SUBST Associates a path with a drive letter.
SYSTEMINFO Displays machine specific properties and configuration.
TASKKILL Kill or stop a running process or application.
TASKLIST Displays all currently running tasks including services.
TIME Displays or sets the system time.
If you want to know the complete functionality provided by these commands type these “command name ?” at the command prompt. 
If you want to know some exclusive commands for vista leave a comment here. 

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