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Some uncommon Blogging Tips n Tricks to increase traffic on your blog.

You must have read a lot of posts by various bloggers in the blogosphere talking about how to drive traffic to your website ,so today i m going to contribute in this topic with some uncommon tips from my side on how to increase traffic to your site.

So i m going to share some of my personal experiences with you ,and i m not a specialist so please don’t expect to much from me.

Popularity Contest Plugin ?

You may have installed or atleast seen the well known popularity contest plugin for wordpress, which shows you the most popular entries in the sidebar. The entries are sorted by number of hits on each post. This plugin is very useful when installed on your blog, because it lets your visitor to go through the best entries ever on your blog by just one click.

But this plugin can be more than beneficial when installed on the some other blog of your niche, when you see some post in the popular posts entries about something related to your own content but about which you have not yet written anything. You are simply losing the traffic from search engines. You should study the behavior of this small portion on other blogs of the same niche.

So what should i do?

Write, write and write about those things. Stay away from ctrl+C and ctrl+V. Do give link backs.

Isn’t it unethical?

oh well this question confronts me again and again, but let me tell you this is nothing but a just another technique for getting some traffic, nothing wrong in it. Do not feel guilty about this, you are not stealing the content, you are just doing a routine research on your market.

Will it work?

It has worked for me, but don’t expect wonders. It can do wonders but still don’t expect. You won’t lose anything atleast that’s for sure.

Am i going to steal traffic from other bloggers?

Nah, search engines show 10 results on each page by default, so you and other bloggers have enough space on those SERPs… pretty evil.
So should i remove this plugin from my own blog?

Definetely not. You are not going to lose anything even if the some other blogger applies the same trick by studying your blog. Or may be you might get some link backs, who knows.

A simple but important tip

One day i was just surfing my “Rival’s Blog”, he used to show his statcounter stats publicly on his blog. After studying those stats the traffic on my blog doubled within three weeks, dont ask how.Don’t ever show your statcounter stats on your blog, because statcounter will show the list of traffic fetching keywords for your blog, and you should be aware of Evils.

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