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Recover stored passwords in google chrome with ChromePass

It has been not quite long after google released their browser google chrome, most of us are using google chrome. I am using google chrome from day 1.

We have recently written a lot about various themes for google chrome like firefox theme for google chrome , safari theme for google chrome and other google chrome tips and tricks.

Today we have come up with another hack for google chrome, A freeware utility ChromePass which is a free password recovery tool for google chrome.


ChromePass can display all the stored password in google chrome across all the web sites which you visited and remembered the username and password

ChromePass displays the following fields for each entry. You can easily export the entire list of passwords through ChromePass 

  • Origin URL
  • Action URL
  • User Name Field
  • Password Field
  • User Name
  • Password
  • Created Time. 

ChromePass does not require any installation, so you just need to download the file, extract and run ChromePass.exe to view all the stored username and password in google chrome.

[ Via Techie Buzz ]

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