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Password Protect your Confidential information with steganos locknote

Did you ever think of storing the all your passwords or other confidential information in a file? But before you can do that, the most important question which comes to your mind is how will you be able to protect that file.

Steganos LockNote is a Freeware which comes handy in this situation. It will change the way you work with confidential notes.



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It allows you to encrypt and decrypt any note in a simple and independent way which can be unlocked any time, any where with a correct password.

You can move LockNotes wherever you want. It could be placed on the PEN drive or any other portable device there in no installation required, the small locknote exe which you download does the entire magic for you.

To set password to your documents, you need to select File >> Change Password and then enter your password as shown below in the image.  password-locknote






Locknote can be used to store serial numbers , passwords , phone numbers or any other confidential information in the form of text. It uses the Strong modern AES 256 bit encryption.

We hope you like this cool nifty free application for storing confidential information.

[ Download Steganos Locknote | Application Home page ]

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