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Move your files to any folder by dragging using teracopy

There are some instances when you would want to move a downloaded file or folder to a different location.

Well it happens with me most of the time because, what ever I download any thing from web I tend to download it to the desktop and then at the end of the day, I categorize my downloads then move them to the different folders, like software downloads , Music etc.





For all these folders like Sangeet , Software Downloads I have shortcuts created on the desktop so just need to drag the files on the shortcut icon to copy the files over that folder.

But what ever you do you can’t move files, they will always be copied if you drag files on the shortcuts icon.

So after coping I have to delete the files from the desktop, all this makes the whole process somewhat unproductive. 

But I found out a solution to this problem using TeraCopy, Let’s see how

The only thing you need to do is to install TeraCopy on your machine. download it from here







As shown in the image above, you need to press mouse right click on the file and then drag it over the shortcut to the folder , or over the folder itself you will get the options like

1. TeraCopy here – select if you want to copy the files

2. TeraMove here – select if you want to move the files.

and other options like copy here , move here and create shortcuts here.

We hope you may find this small tweak usefull. If you like it do give some comments.

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