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Lock Internet Explorer – Stop Internet Explorer From Running

Yesterday, I found this amazing tweaking software called IeClose 2.0 a FREE small program which lets you lock your Internet Explorer and prevent it from running.

IeClose lock internet explorer provided, you don’t have Internet Explorer running already running when you run IE Close


You can also create a startup key so that IeClose runs automatically on windows startup, so that no one other than you open internet explorer and use it 😛

Let’s see how can you use IeClose to lock down your internet explorer and set IeClose to run automatically when windows starts.

As the software comes as an .iso image so you will first need to mount this 3 MB ISO image on a virtual drive

Installing IeClose

1. After mounting the image on the virtual drive, open the virtual drive and double click install.exe to run the setup, press next button


2. Now Enter the password for the IeClose, and press Install and then Press Finish


Using IeClose To Lock Internet Explorer

1. Start IeClose, make sure that Internet Explorer is NOT running

2. Now, click start button on IeClose to lock Internet Explorer and stop it from running.


3. After clicking Start button if you open internet explorer it will close automatically and will also display a message box in another language.

4. In order to hide the program click Exit

Note: If you want to start IeClose automatically on windows startup go to        File >> Create Key on IeClose it will display a message box


When ever you want to remove it from startup go to File >> Delete Key.

This program is quite cool to play with if you don’t want others to open internet explorer for any reason

Download IeClose

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